Facebook: Behaviours you should stay away from
Facebook: Behaviours you should stay away from

In the 21st century, social media is everywhere, especially Facebook and its child companies. We use them to connect with family and friends, get to know new people, keep up to date with our favorite celebrities, have fun, or sometimes

Reasons why Ransomware attacks will explode in 2021

As the media often likes to point out, we have found ourselves in unprecedented times. While there have been many pandemics throughout history, our daily lives have significantly changed since then, so the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many unknown and

CEO Phishing: 4:25 pm, an urgent message

Imagine sitting in your office (or at home, more likely, considering the current situation), doing your job and drinking a hot beverage, when you suddenly get an email from your superior requesting an urgent transfer of money needed to close

Tips to keep your Google Drive secure

USBs, external hard drives, and other external storage devices used to be a revolutionary way to handle your digital data. You could carry it with yourself, USBs were small and practical, and the devices often had more storage than anyone

Things to consider before clicking on a link

Getting a link in your email or social media inbox is an everyday thing for most of us. Whether it is a funny video that a friend wants to show us or a link with some data relevant to our

How to keep your workforce secure from cyber attacks?

As many media outlets like to point out, we have found ourselves in unprecedented times. The covid-19 pandemic has changed how we live in many different ways: masks, social distance, and online learning. A year ago, no one could have

How Ransomware threatening our critical infrastructure

As time passes and technology advances, it seems like our lives are becoming more and more digital. Computers and smartphones are prominent examples; however, the other spheres of life have also been affected. Almost all household appliances can be connected

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How to create a strong password?

Passwords have existed since ancient times, although not in the way that we know them now. Today, they are a part of everyday life, as you need your password to log in to any profile you have on the internet.

How to keep kids secure online during the pandemic?

From the first days of the internet, it has had a certain appeal for children and teenagers. It was something new, something unusual, something that provided so many new options. As the years passed and technology advanced, new additions, such

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Cybersecurity tips that every parent should know

The best way to keep your teenager out of trouble on the web is education. You should be the one to teach them how to browse safely, as well as how to avoid cyberbullying and other digital dangers. We’ll focus

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