What did the pandemic teach us about cybersecurity?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many different ways, and it is pretty likely that even after it ends, they will never be the same. We automatically feel like something is not correct when we see a large

Why is cybersecurity essential for gamers?

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for their next victims. Whether they want money, personal data, or confidential information, nobody is truly safe online. Cybercriminals perform billions of attacks every year, and victims ranging from ordinary people to entire countries.

Is your child’s phone safe?

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. You can almost not imagine an adult or a teen not having one, but also, for better or for worse, it almost seems like you cannot imagine a child not having

Data Privacy: Do you know where your data is?

In one way or another, data privacy has been an essential issue for a very long time. Nobody wants all of their private details exposed to strangers, be it something as potentially dangerous as the social security number in the

Reasons why Ransomware attacks will explode in 2021

As the media often likes to point out, we have found ourselves in unprecedented times. While there have been many pandemics throughout history, our daily lives have significantly changed since then, so the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many unknown and

CEO Phishing: 4:25 pm, an urgent message

Imagine sitting in your office (or at home, more likely, considering the current situation), doing your job and drinking a hot beverage, when you suddenly get an email from your superior requesting an urgent transfer of money needed to close

How Ransomware threatening our critical infrastructure

As time passes and technology advances, it seems like our lives are becoming more and more digital. Computers and smartphones are prominent examples; however, the other spheres of life have also been affected. Almost all household appliances can be connected

5 Malware types to worry about in 2021

Cybercrime is increasing as technology is getting more advance. The cybercriminals always look for victims, and as soon as they spot a vulnerable user in their territory, they attack. The cyberattack could be of any sort depending upon the attacker.

New ways cybercriminals using during the COVID-19

There has been a rise in the attacks by cybercriminals because of the current state of the world. A significant part of the globe is currently facing the COVID-19 epidemic, which led the businesses to be run online. As a

Impact of ransomware on businesses

Ransomware is very harmful, especially for the business, as it can get hold of the confidential files and information. The various forms of Ransomware have been discussed in this blog. Ransomware’s main target and the protective measures that you could

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