Riskware: What it is, and how can you prevent it?

Every functional program can have vulnerabilities that hackers can easily track and attack. Riskware represents any software with a chance of attack.  What Is Riskware? Riskware is a name for a category of applications and programs that can bring risks

How to safely connect during travels?

People these days have got back their pre-Covid habits; they started traveling again, especially when it’s summer. But, of course, we should always be careful when traveling with our material belongings and our data.  How to use public wifi safely?

social media
How to manage your social media reputation

We live in the era of social networks. Everyone, from kids that fake their age to sign up for websites that usually have a 13+ rule to older people who barely know how to navigate their computers or phones, seems

How to prevent sophisticated phishing attacks?

Technology has been advancing rapidly in the last few decades, and our lives have been forever changed because of that. Electronic devices that were merely a dream years ago are now an irreplaceable part of our daily routine. We use

How to keep your workforce secure from cyber attacks?

As many media outlets like to point out, we have found ourselves in unprecedented times. The covid-19 pandemic has changed how we live in many different ways: masks, social distance, and online learning. A year ago, no one could have

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How to create a strong password?

Passwords have existed since ancient times, although not in the way that we know them now. Today, they are a part of everyday life, as you need your password to log in to any profile you have on the internet.

How to keep kids secure online during the pandemic?

From the first days of the internet, it has had a certain appeal for children and teenagers. It was something new, something unusual, something that provided so many new options. As the years passed and technology advanced, new additions, such

Malvertising: What is it? & How to prevent it?

The ads that you often see while online happening to be one of the sources of these cyberattacks. These ads could have malicious codes built-in them by online predators. If you tap on any of these ads, you have opened

How to stay safe while playing online

Gaming has become one of the most significant income sources among the rest of the online entertainment zones. The reason for that is the development of the online gaming industry over the years. Everyone indulges in playing online through their

How to shop online safely this holiday season?

Shopping scams have also been happening a lot lately. People order something online and receive trash placed in a package instead. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has recorded several cases where people have been victims of such scams.

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