People who are not using 2FA asking to be hacked

If you have weak login credentials, you can consider yourself exposed to cyber attacks, phishing, or identity theft. Banks, credit card companies, even social networks these days started to use two-factor authentication. If you’re not quite sure how to use

Does Windows Defender really defend your PC?

There is a large selection of free and paid options for antivirus software, and Windows itself comes with its virus protection, called Windows Defender. Is it good enough? If you’re using newer Windows, Windows Defender automatically gets operating systems and

Why schools need to boost their cybersecurity measures?

Educational institutions are in great danger as cybercriminals attack various schools, teachers, and students all over the country. In 2020 alone, a K-12 Cyber Incident Map recorded that 408 schools became victims of cybercrime. Various educational institutions were forced to

Why financial companies struggle with cybersecurity?

It might not surprise that the companies that provide financial services are a popular target for cybercriminals. After all, they work with money and sensitive data that hackers could use in many ways, from fraud schemes and identity thefts to

5 common scams that are targeting teens

People from all age groups are on the internet today, but it is a fact that teenagers might be using it the most. As an adult, especially if you have had access to the internet since you were a teenager,

QR Codes: Are they safe?

QR (quick response) codes are small squares with unique black and white patterns that contain certain information, just like barcodes on the products we can buy and scan in any store. We will talk about QR Codes in this article.

Lessons we can take from Facebook & LinkedIn leaks

It seems to be like social media is not a very safe place for your information for many reasons. People often do not think about what exactly they are sharing online. They might have people in their lives that would

Stalkerware: Can you believe these apps stalk on you?

We have all heard of stalkers. They can be creepy and dangerous, and we would want to protect ourselves from them logically. However, when it comes to stalkerware, a type of software that can, in one way or another, track

How hacking the bitcoin market harming the investors?

With the rise of new technologies in the past decades, our lives have changed in more ways than we could imagine. Social media, video games, access to information, new methods of communication, new work possibilities, the list goes on and on.

What is the damage of SolarWinds on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security?

It is a well-known fact that governments have been spying on other ones (and often people in their governments) from the beginning of their existence. Of course, this meant that they had more and more ways and opportunities to do

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