5 Malware types to worry about in 2021

Cybercrime is increasing as technology is getting more advance. The cybercriminals always look for victims, and as soon as they spot a vulnerable user in their territory, they attack. The cyberattack could be of any sort depending upon the attacker.

Malvertising: What is it? & How to prevent it?

The ads that you often see while online happening to be one of the sources of these cyberattacks. These ads could have malicious codes built-in them by online predators. If you tap on any of these ads, you have opened

How to stay safe while playing online

Gaming has become one of the most significant income sources among the rest of the online entertainment zones. The reason for that is the development of the online gaming industry over the years. Everyone indulges in playing online through their

How to shop online safely this holiday season?

Shopping scams have also been happening a lot lately. People order something online and receive trash placed in a package instead. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has recorded several cases where people have been victims of such scams.

How to improve your safety online?

Adopting these habits will dramatically improve your safety online. The following are some essential tips and tricks that you need to opt for to protect small business and personal devices. These tips will significantly reduce the threat of getting cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity tips for your business

Cyberattacks have always been a risk to businesses. But with an increase in technology, the rate of cybercrimes have also increased over the years. According to a report by the Cabinet Office, United Kingdom has reportedly lost £21 billion this

New ways cybercriminals using during the COVID-19

There has been a rise in the attacks by cybercriminals because of the current state of the world. A significant part of the globe is currently facing the COVID-19 epidemic, which led the businesses to be run online. As a

Signs that your PC is infected with malware

350,000 malware versions are identified every day. The devices under the company’s use might be well protected, but it is tough to ensure that each employee’s device is also well protected. In the current circumstances, it is even harder to

Cybersecurity tips for working from home

Most of the world is currently facing a pandemic. While this pandemic has turned the world completely upside down, it has also brought some undiscovered issues all along for which humans were not ready. Employees had to work from home

Impact of ransomware on businesses

Ransomware is very harmful, especially for the business, as it can get hold of the confidential files and information. The various forms of Ransomware have been discussed in this blog. Ransomware’s main target and the protective measures that you could

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