Benefits of the zero-trust security model for businesses

How much should a company trust its clients, users, business partners, or even its employees? People like to believe themselves trustworthy and might even get offended if a company seems like it does not trust them. Still, it is a

5 common scams that are targeting teens

People from all age groups are on the internet today, but it is a fact that teenagers might be using it the most. As an adult, especially if you have had access to the internet since you were a teenager,

Is your child’s phone safe?

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. You can almost not imagine an adult or a teen not having one, but also, for better or for worse, it almost seems like you cannot imagine a child not having

Facebook: Behaviours you should stay away from
Facebook: Behaviours you should stay away from

In the 21st century, social media is everywhere, especially Facebook and its child companies. We use them to connect with family and friends, get to know new people, keep up to date with our favorite celebrities, have fun, or sometimes

Tips to keep your Google Drive secure

USBs, external hard drives, and other external storage devices used to be a revolutionary way to handle your digital data. You could carry it with yourself, USBs were small and practical, and the devices often had more storage than anyone

Things to consider before clicking on a link

Getting a link in your email or social media inbox is an everyday thing for most of us. Whether it is a funny video that a friend wants to show us or a link with some data relevant to our

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Cybersecurity tips that every parent should know

The best way to keep your teenager out of trouble on the web is education. You should be the one to teach them how to browse safely, as well as how to avoid cyberbullying and other digital dangers. We’ll focus

Cybersecurity tips for your business

Cyberattacks have always been a risk to businesses. But with an increase in technology, the rate of cybercrimes have also increased over the years. According to a report by the Cabinet Office, United Kingdom has reportedly lost £21 billion this

Cybersecurity tips for working from home

Most of the world is currently facing a pandemic. While this pandemic has turned the world completely upside down, it has also brought some undiscovered issues all along for which humans were not ready. Employees had to work from home

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